Victory rush the adds and health regen is nice. Addon classe voleur Rogue Power Bars Je n’ai pas trouvé de meilleur version pour la 4. Commentaire de Sylbort More like Flesh Maker. Being BM is easy to solo, MD to pet, keep pet heal up, camo to boss, run should take about minutes. Ainsi, vous saurez où et quoi chercher à tout moment.

Nom: atlasloot 5.0.5
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Commentaire de Invaki Got this 5.0.5 mount today after only 4 solo runs! Three portals will open and beams will weave their path to Netherspite and buff him. Il vous indique les zones de fouille dans le continent, en vous donnant la distance, la race concernée. I wish I had run my damn DK through first, I may have saved myself some serious aggravation All 5 of us rolled and I rolled a 98! Commentaire de rappydoo21 14 Apr

Bienvenue sur The Geek Crusade! Two guildies have seen it in the past week as well. Commentaire de lowlyworm We downed Netherspite for our first time last week.

atlasloot 5.0.5

J’ai tout fait pour trouver les meilleures versions pour la 4. Equipe active et compétente. Thing is that I was also farming atllasloot green proto around 3 or 4 months agoand after it dropped i was about to quit wow, and it just dropped.

Ajoute un petit indicateur sur la distance par rapport à la dernière fouille rouge, jaune ou vert. Commentaire de Catlover74 Saw this drop just moments ago, didnt win it though.


I was pretty stoked. Pop some CD’s, then when the portal phase ends pop whatever else you have. Curiously we didn’t get credit for killing grauf in 1 pass even though we did. Please try again later.

I wish I had run my damn DK through first, I may have saved myself some serious aggravation Also remeber to have 2 DPS’s taking the blue beam in position right away. Otherwise, sit back and wait it out, kill him when they are gone I guess. Commentaire de thekeeper Just got one on my druid we all needed i came out on top then the group disbanded insulting me cause i dont need mounts, because i have flight form: Commentaire de corinth My second run on my Shaman of H-UP this dropped, I got out rolled so after the instance I offered to buy it from the winner worth every copper I paid imo.

Rênes de proto-drake bleu – Objet – World of Warcraft

Also, yes, you can transfer the bag with this in it cross faction. Commentaire de MoarHeroisms Same thing happened to me tonight, Morbius. Commentaire de Kyokushin Ok guys! It makes the beam pass through and gives you the two minute debuff. Grid ManaBars Je n’ai pas trouvé de meilleur version pour la 4. I managed to survive for some obscure reason – as long as atlassloot have high enough stamina and some dedicated healers, qtlasloot don’t have to be a warlock.


atlasloot 5.0.5

Omen Un addon qui détermine votre niveau de menace exact au sein du groupe. Popped some giant growth and flew around Org on my two prizes for an hour showing off. As for soloing; aylasloot tank the Green beam and you can just destroy him in no time flat.

I won the roll. I’m willing to fork over the 20 if it works. Never have I seen it drop after countless runs of Atlaeloot.

Rênes de proto-drake bleu

Commentaire de Autopsy Surely they must care if they could care less. Please read before you try and call people out. Dwarf rogues use racial talent instead and save Cloak for later. Commentaire de icedragon32 ran UP on my mage times already. Fiery war horse and rivendale mount still in progress.

atlasloot 5.0.5

Commentaire de Hybridpanda I do not know if this is from the patch change 5. World of Warcraft server Excalibur 2. Commentaire de Grimeripe Odds are, atlasolot if you’re farming it, someone not farming it will get it first!